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Incentive Program

MingMart Incentive Programs

MingMart currently has several incentive programs for sellersand registered users: 

1.       Recommender Incentive Scheme (RIS)

2.       Investor Incentive Scheme (IIS)   

       3.       Profit-sharing Incentive Scheme (PSIS)

For RIS, any MingMart registered user that recommends new seller to register and to start selling at MingMart will be rewarded with 10% commission per seller. There is no limit on how many sellers you can bring to MingMart platform. To prove your recommendation, all you need is to provide us with the name and email address of the seller that you recommended. For further details of how to enroll in RIS, please contact us

For IIS, any seller or MingMart registered user who is interested to become a shareholder or to invest in MingMart, can enjoy the benefits of preferential shopping experience and price and will be offered some shares, as well as many other company benefits. For example, if you invest £5000 in MingMart, you would be rewarded with MingMart shares, company benefits and shopping/seller benefits. If you are interested to enroll in IIS, please contact us.

PSIS is related to Category 1 and 2 seller. However any seller can enroll in this scheme. Once you have registered as seller, thencontact us to inform us that you are interested in joining the PSIS. Then, you will be able to use the Smart Listing feature. For every product and servicethat you sold under Smart Listing, you will be offered up to 50% profit sharing. However, the exact profit-sharing percentage can vary from seller to seller subject to various terms and conditions.

Note that those incentives programs above may subject to changes, depending on business requirements of MingMart. MingMart may stop offering those incentive programs at any time at MingMart’s sole discretion.

Apart from the above incentive programs, MingMart may also offer other new incentive programs. The information about these new incentive programs can be found at MingMart’s homepage or if you registered with MingMart, you may receive notification, Incentive Program update at this page, email communication and via social media channels about these new incentive programs.