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Buyer Protections

MingMart Buyer Protections

To ensure that you are fully protected when shopping with MingMart, we have the following protection for buyers: 

Buyer Protection 1

If your received product is damaged or you are not happy with the product, you can contact directly the seller. Seller contact can be found in the product details page as shown below:


Buyer Protection 2

You are also protected by MingMart platform when you shop and purchase products and services from us. You can submit any request for refund or complaint if you preferred to contact us directly. 

Buyer Protection 3

All products should come with minimum return or refund policy (typically 14 days). Some products will have longer warranty period. So, please contact the seller or contact us to find out more about the warranty of certain products should you have any doubt. 

Buyer Protection 4

We will also fulfil all related local consumer protection laws of the country that you purchased the product from. So, please contact the seller or contact us if you would like to seek return or refund of product that falls under the local consumer protection laws. 

We are confident that with the buyer protections above, you will be fully protected when shopping with MingMart. Our aim is to provide 100% buyer satisfaction and 100% buyer protection.