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Frequently Answered Questions. If you still cannot find the answer, then please Contact Us

How to register?

Registration with MingMart is easy. 

  • For buyers, simply click "Join" at the top right corner, enter the email, name, phone number, etc. and click "REGISTER". 
  • For sellers, simply click "Sell" at the top right corner, enter the email, name, shop name, shop address, registration number (optional), etc. and click "REGISTER". 
  • Once register, you can log in and change the information and profile of your shop. 

What is MingMart?

MingMart is the innovative e-commerce platform that allows buyers to buy products and services online via the platform. Buyers simply register and purchase the products and services via the Cart checkout system, which is very user friendly, making the online shopping easy to navigate. For sellers, they can simply register and set up the online shop with MingMart to upload their products and services and start selling. MingMart can cater for the ever more sophisticated e-commerce application scenarios such as Smart Listing. 

How is MingMart different from other e-commerce platforms?

MingMart is different from other platforms. We always try to be innovative and environmentally conscious. We understand that e-commerce activities have significant impact on our environments, so we always try to innovate a better approach to do e-commerce. For sellers, MingMart provides the best platform to start the selling activities, easy to use and cheaper compared to other platforms. For buyers, MingMart offers a huge range of products and services. 

How much does MingMart charge?

MingMart do not charge any fee or commission for the products sold by sellers. To register on MingMart, it is also free! However, MingMart has subcription plans for seller who want to set up an online shop in MingMart. The subscriotion plans are as follows: 

Sellers can also choose the free subscription plan to start their  E-commerce business. Yes, it is totally free as long as you renew it every month. Further details about MingMart's subcription plans can be found here.  
For buyers, MingMart will not charge buyers for any purchase made on the platform. 

How is the MingMart delivery work?

MingMart provide a flexible delivery service on top of courier service provided via third party such as Royal Mail, TNT, FEDEX, local delivery company, etc. Simply register as buyer and find out more about our delivery service and start earning money from our delivery service.

If I cannot find my product on MingMart, what to do?

If you cannot find the product that you want to buy on MingMart, then please contact us and we offer a free service to try to source the product for you via our internal supplier network.