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How to do the Setting for eBay Listing?

How to do the Setting for eBay Listing?

Our platform provides sellers a platform that allows them to list and sell products on third-party platforms like eBay, Amazon, Lazada, Shopee, etc. Let’s talk about eBay Listing. The concept behind this is that sellers can easily do product listing in their eBay seller account by using an API connection from Ming Mart.

How to authorize the eBay Account?

Log in to your seller Dashboard

**We also made an article about this.

https://www.mingmart.co.uk/blog/66/How-to-use-Seller-Dashboard? **

  2.  Click on the eBay Listing menu

  3.  Click on “Seller Account Setup”, as below:


a.    Under this setup, please enter eBay account details (username, email, password, etc.).

b.    Under this setup, please enter the product settings. Please Tick the box for Auto-update product quantity and price. Choose and decide the product price type and quantity.

c.    Once the seller account has been set up, click Options >>Actions>> Authorize to connect the seller account to Ming Mart.

  4.  Click on “All Products” to see all the available products to list. Choose the product and click on “Options” >> “Actions” >> “Add To XXX”, where XXX is the name of the platform.

  5.  Click on “Added Products” to see the products that you have added.

Note that to use this Third Party Product Listing feature, you must register a seller account with eBay. Then use the seller account to “Authorize” via Ming Mart. 

If the authorization is successful, you will be redirected back to the Ming Mart homepage. From there you can check your eBay seller account --> go to Manage Account, choose whether it is UK, US, or MY seller account and you will be able to see the eBay account information that you just connected.

Once you are authorized, this means that you will be able to list products directly from Ming Mart to eBay, just with a few clicks of a button. Isn’t that such a relief?

We hope you have a successful process, anyway feel free to connect us for every question.

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