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How to do the withdraws ?

How to do the withdraws ?

This is a function in our platform to allow the seller to withdraw their earnings from Ming Mart store. When the seller sells products , all the payments will go through Ming Mart platform and the earnings will be shown in the seller’s Dashboard. Take a look at our article “How to use Seller Dashboard ?”

To use withdraws, sellers need to set up some information. When clicking Withdraws, Withdraw Now, you will have the interface shown below:

 First, Withdraw Method. The seller decides which method wants to use: Paypal/ Skrill/ Payoneer /Bank. Next, add the Withdraw Amount, how much the seller wants to withdraw the earnings. Additional Reference, some further reference sellers want to add to their information.


We want to provide our customers, simple and effective features. As you can see, Withdraws settings just need you to enter the method, the account, where you want Ming Mart to send the earnings, the amount you want to send, and status.

**The withdrawal fees of $5 and 3 % will be charged for each withdraws**

What do you need to know about the process?

Currently, the Seller Withdraw function will be processed manually as we need to check that all withdrawal amounts are correct and also, all seller’s bank details or payment methods are valid.

In order, to complete the transaction, we need a few workings days.

All the process details mentioned before will be provided in the withdrawal interface whenever the seller wants to check up on their earnings.

If you still have questions about withdraws, please let us know and we will be happy to provide you the information needed.

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