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How to use Seller Dashboard?

How to use Seller Dashboard?

How to use Seller Dashboard?

After opening a Seller account in MingMart platform, you are going to see an interface that includes different functions in the help of the seller.

One of them, Dashboard. First, click My Account >>>  Vendor Panel and you are at the interface shown below:




As you can see, after Visit Store you can click, Dashboard.

Dashboard is like your personal assistant. Let’s start with the first function.

Orders Pending

This keeps the information about your unfinished orders. After clicking View All, you can provide the order number/ quantity/ total cost and payment method. In this way, you have a clear view of these orders while waiting for them to be approved.

Orders Processing

This tells the same information, order number/ quantity/ total cost and payment method, but the difference is that the order has been shipped or is in the process to be received by the customer.

Orders Completed

And the final process, when the order is completed. The seller finds there the information about the orders that are finished. These are our platform features to help the seller with a clear mirror of its orders and in this way the seller is more productive.

Total Products

This is the main function for the seller. It is like your business store, where you add and find your products. First, the seller ads products, by clicking Add New Product. The seller specifies the name, type and price and every product is shown here. The seller can change this data whenever the seller wants to. Also, this function is used to find the products based on the name and load the products based on the quantity.

Total Item Sold

The seller reads the total number of the sold items based on the quantity of the products on every completed order.

Total Earning

After all, it is all about the earnings. This function does all the calculating to determine the earnings the seller provides after all the process.

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