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What to do when a delivery is late?

What to do when a delivery is late?

This article is for sellers only. Oh , of course if you are a buyer and want to start selling too, feel free to read , also take a look at an other instruction on how to start a seller account.


This period of time we have done online orders more than ever, and that’s for sure. And I am pretty sure the shipping procces is like counting days till you can have it. And unfortunatly, I am also pretty sure, you have been through , delivery delaying. But what can a seller do about that in order to let the connection with the customer good and don’t dissappoint them.

Sometimes, delayed orders can happen even if you are in partnership with the best shipping companies .


Here are some steps to take immediately:

Let your customer know

First thing you do is inform your customer about the delay and also apologize as soon as possible while letting them know the reasons why. Give your customer a realistic new date and time of delivery and keep them updated about it. This way they are going to plan things before so it doesn’t spoil their plans.

Try to fix the issue

Determine why the delay happened and try to fix that. It can be a shipping replacement or even a total refund, it depends on the situation.

Learn from the delay

After investigating why the delay happened, try to use that as a lesson to prevent it from happening again.

Always let your customer believe that you are trying to overcome the problem and never forget thanking them while asking for their understanding.

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